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focus on programs that are not core to public safety or health

Umm, let's see. Ped/bike funding:
* promotes exercise and cardiovascular fitness
* improves air quality
* reduces the risk of motor vehicle collisions/injuries/fatalities/etc.

You're right, Ms. Donellan. Clearly not relevant to public safety or health.

Here's my comment on this subject from Thursday's GGW Breakfast Links:


I wonder why the budget cut options fall so heavily on creating and promoting safe streets? Is safe travel now an optional in Arlington?

Good thing her team of 7 communications officials got a 4% pay raise. And her human rights office could convert a half time employee to a full time employee.

The budget is riddled with ridiculous crap, yet they choose to eliminate one aspect that actually appears to work hard and produce results. I'm guessing the County Manager doesn't bike and hates all the pesky bikers on the road

Transportation and street safety is a core service. Unless 100 percent of the workers and students are telecommuting these days. And driverless cars are transporting goods and groceries to residents in the area. What is she thinking?

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