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"Bikes and coffee just go together, ask any cyclist."

More bike shops is good, but this one had better have good public restrooms.

Ask this cyclist about anything faintly precious and nouveau-urban and you'll wish you hadn't.

As a person who works and quasi-lives in the Navy Yard area: A bike shop in the area would be handy, but isn't really urgent given that there are two of them half a mile away along Barracks Row. Once some of the new residential buildings start opening and bringing more residents to the neighborhood, there'll probably be more demand for one (as well as new retail spaces one could move into).

I've always thought that opening a bike shop in one of the vacant retail bays in the baseball stadium would be a good idea. The bike shop could then run the valet, and could even station a mechanic there to do repairs while people watch the game. Those bays are conveniently located at the junction of the ART and the South Capitol Street bridge too.

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