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A reminder I give the folks at my clinic;car/motorcycle tires tend to max out around 40psi,low pressure for bike tires. Some stations will limit the compressors to around that so people won't blow up their tires. Also,some air chucks won't properly compress the valve on a Presta(w/adapter). So it's always a good idea to have your own pump. There's also the site http://www.freeairpump.com/map/ which shows where you can find a public pump.

What it is about DC and gas stations? Why is it considered an issue for the power of the state whether a gas station is full serve or not? I remember a few years ago when the landlord of Parker's Exxon on MacArthur Blvd was considering selling the land, and Mary Cheh introduced emergency legislation that essentially prohibited it. I just don't get it.

It's like a 1930's statist paradise.

PS: 40 PSI may not be optimal but it will get you home.

I heard That a council member is worried that their gas station of choice may be closing. That's why this law is being proposed.

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