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Presumably he had a commercial license to be driving a utility truck? I've been wondering if a drunk driving conviction would cause loss of a commercial license, but in Maryland I guess not.

What's the lifetime prevalence of DUI records in the male population, I wonder.

He might not have had needed a commercial license to drive a utility truck. If he did have a commercial license, a conviction for DUI (or even refusing to be tested) results in a one-year license suspension (a meaningful penalty, since that license is key to the driver's livelihood); a second conviction results in a lifetime suspension.

If I was representing the family, I'd want all of his driving records going far back. If they can show a pattern of poor judgement, they can also sue the WSSC for hiring this guy.

Actually, WSSC is already a party to suit because the driver was acting on WSSC business. But its a stronger case against WSSC.

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