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I read somewhere that the most dangerous consumer item in terms of number of injuries is the bed.

Now sleep on that!

Most injuries occur at home. That's why I stay out late at night.

That's where I plan on dying.

I read that most injuries occur at home, so I moved.

I read somewhere that the most dangerous consumer item in terms of number of injuries is the bed.

Now sleep on that!

And stairs are responsible for so many injuries that if they were a new product the CPSB would never let them be sold.

As someone who received lasting injury to the amour propre area in bed, I now prefer the kitchen counters, but they are not without risk.

Football, it must be pointed out, produces cumulative, as well as acute, injury to the brain. The contribution of asymptomatic trauma to later impairment is what the NFL and its lackeys would rather people not think about. Bicycling's risks are more Nietzchean.

I have been injured cycling, running, skiing, playing soccer, and kayaking, but never playing football. So football might be safer than those activities, though I've never played it so can't say for sure.

A quick Google on Dr. Joseph Maroon, reveals a gaudy web site for his practice with a picture of the great surgeon with a bicycle (The bolt-on aero bars set well above saddle height say it all; to wit, I bet he falls down a lot) and the fact that even the NFL feels his dismissive attitude toward chronic traumatic encephalopathy is mistaken<http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2015/03/18/nfl-says-maroon-doesnt-speak-for-league-on-cte/>.

Bugs Bunny had a comment on Dr. Maroon.

A professor from Washington State is claiming that head injuries from playing football can be reduced 85 percent by not wearing a helmet.

I don't know if that's true, but there could be a reduction. If you aren't wearing a helmet, you will play as if you're not wearing a helmet. Mostly works for rugby and soccer.

Love this comment thread!

Surfing the net can lead to multiple concussions if you slam your head into the keyboard everytime someone fails at statistics. So wear helmet!

NFL team doctors are the same people who concluded that there was no serious consequence of repeated head injuries and routinely let player back on the field after a concussion. Why do we take these bozos seriously?

What a Maroon.

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