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From a cost and ROI perspective, A and B are the only viable alternatives. I'd focus any feedback on those.

Is there really consideration of extending a path over to the MVT on the north side of Potomac Green? That's a significant change from the meetings I went to a few years ago. And a significant reversal of NPS's position if true (they were opposed to new pavement construction in the past).

It's going to be A because laying new tracks out there will not be cheap. The specific area they're talking about in B is actually a swamp. You would have to fill that in to make it work and I just don't see them getting environmental approval for that.

I think it would be really nice if they connected over the GWMP. It would also make the marina there Metro accessible. However, I highly doubt they will do this :(.

I personally prefer D because I think the raised tracks will better serve people on the west side of the CSX tracks, even if it's only a few hundred feet closer. I think it will be more visible (and enticing) to residents/shoppers at Potomac Yard.

none of which will impact current plans to build a multi-use trail from Braddock Road to Four Mile Run (which is to be completed next year)

Unless you're referring to something else, the trail connecting Braddock Rd to Four Mile Run (along Main Line Blvd and Potomac Ave) was recently completed, the last part being a spur from the end of Main Line Blvd to Braddock Rd.

A. My reading of the EIS exec summary leads me to believe that Alt B will be chosen - the cost is higher, but it will get a higher developer contribution. This is all about the development. The only real obstacle is NPS, and NPS says they are willing to cooperate (see the WaPo story)
B. The big thing for cyclists is the sheer increase in density of activity with the new development.
C. As bobco points out the Main Line trail is now complete - the last bit of it by Braddock road was done the other day. All that remains is a decent connection to the Braddock metro station, and City of Alexandria is contemplating aggressive solutions to that.

Between A and B I don't really see much difference if we're just looking at the bike/ped bridge. Perhaps in B, a cyclist using the Metro bridge will be able to ride up to the platform before having to dismount. If so, that's the better option (when cycling is all that's considered).

Froggie, I don't think there are any plans to connect Potomac Green to the MVT. Sorry if I wasn't clear. It would be nice, but I'm not even sure you need one. It's not much of a detour to connect at Slater's lane or via the Four Mile Run Trail. If they wanted to make Dangerfield Island closer, they could extend a trail along the line of Marina Drive to the existing trail east of Carpenter Road. Then cyclists could either cross when there is a gaps in traffic, or heaven forbid, they could turn that into a signalized intersection - perhaps button controlled.

Thanks for this. My big concern with this project is phrases like this: "pedestrian bridge over the CSXT right-of-way and existing Metrorail tracks providing 24-hour pedestrian/bicycle access." Note that that bicycle access is being provided by a "pedestrian bridge".

I haven't been to the meetings lately, but at every opportunity, I've asked if cyclists would be allowed to ride over the bridge. I was told either "no" or that it hasn't been designed yet.

The entirely of the Potomac Yard development has zero dedicated bicycle lanes or paths. They are all shared with pedestrians (the MUP) or with cars (sharrows on Mainline). The development philosophy in Alexandria towards people who ride bicycles is inconsistent at best and misleading at worst.

A minor nit - the area is called Potomac Yard.

The trail from Braddock Road to Four Mile Rin is essentially complete and is open for use by pedestrians and cyclists. The contractor needs to install landscaping, irrigation and furniture along a short section of the trail by Braddock Road. Additionally, the final top coat of asphalt will be installed the first week of May.

It is now an easy connection from Crystal City and Potomac Yard to Old Town Alexandria and the Mount Vernon Trail. Take the Potomac Yard Trail to Braddock Road, turn left onto Braddock Road and then bear right onto West Street and then left onto Pendleton. Follow Pendleton into Old Town and the intersection with the Mount Vernon Trail.

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