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Nice work to all who conducted this survey. I would be thrilled to see an improved route between Palisades, Foxhall, and Georgetown that doesn't require walking terrible sidewalks. This is the best use of this right of way.

For those unfamiliar with existing conditions, there are several portions that have become established homeless encampments.

I'd say a trail would be a much better use of the land.

For anyone who wants to see the raw data of the survey, please click on this link

Also, link to the PCA Trails Committee Summary can be viewed here

And @Will, the first thing I'd like to see is a restored Foundry Branch Bridge. I think the residents of Palisades would be surprised how easy it would be to walk into the GU campus over that bridge rather than having to use the narrow sidewalk on Canal Rd (Which I doubt will ever be widened)
And, yes the bridge is a DC historical landmark.
Its 115 years old. It hasn't been used or maintained in 52 years. And WMATA did an assessment on the bridge in 2014 and told me that it CAN be restored.

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