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FYI - Liters are a unit of volume. 140 Liters is around 5 cubic feet. That is about 1/3 the trunk space of a Toyota Corolla. Fill that thing with gravel and it would hold perhaps 525 pounds

I guess the weight limit would vary depending on the human providing the power?

Why do I feel like people would park these in the bike lanes too?

For you youngsters, the classic messenger bag, beloved of hipsters, was designed to schlep multiple 1000' reels of 35 mm film. I know this from one miserable and continuously intoxicated winter between schools. That DHL thing could transport a fashion model.

I know what liters are. That was quoted from the linked article in which I think the author was trying to be funny.

Thinking about this more, FedEx is actually well position to use bikes. They have a facility that backs up to the Met Branch Trail, right at the nexus where the NY Ave Trail is going to connect to it. The R/Q Street bike lanes connect right to it for and east-west connection and being so close to downtown, even if they limited themselves to places within 1-2 miles, that still a lot of space.

Reducing or eliminating trucks from last-mile deliveries in the core city is one of the recommendations in the WeMoveDC long range plan.

Increasing the viability of commercial bicycle traffic is one of the driving factors behind the lane-mile number in that plan.

I'm increasingly skeptical that DC needs a DOT director who feels that lane-mile goals are "naive".

I was not intimating that people did not know what liters are.

I wonder why electric assist bike and trikes haven't caught on in the delivery business.


Electric assist bikes are all but universal in the food delivery business in NYC, but maybe that's not what you meant.

It is, but I was more talking about document delivery. I hadn't seen them so much here. It seems to me that it makes a lot of sense once you start hitting the 40-50 pound mark for vehicle and cargo.

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