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"As it stands right now, SHA does not have to return to reclassify roads and appropriate speeds as use along that road changes."
I'm pretty sure they have an internal policy regarding review of road speed limits and other traffic implements. But the policy is based around the number of incidents (collisions, 'accidents', etc) that occur along it. Then a ranking system is applied to mix the reviews in via traffic studies with new planned development/redevelopment of roads/intersections/bridges, etc.

The fast-track process for this is for legislators to call the District Engineers and raise ire themselves. While technically not in the SHA policy, they will often dispatch staff to unofficially observe whatever problem exists.

Rather than seeking some sort of systemic review process (which sort of exists de facto anyway), I would rather see a law requiring each study contain a cycling and pedestrian impact paragraph that includes estimated utilization before and after, impact of planned changes, etc, etc. (They sort of do this now, but in a very limited sense).

(FWIW, the most common way for them to adjust speed limits is when they seek to place speed cameras.)

15-0484 in Baltimore City was recently up. They repealed the previous law that required all gas stations have an air pump providing free use. I didn't realize that existed, but damn, that would have made cycling much easier to know every gas station had free air. I would just carry the adapter on me and wallah.

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