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Probably worse for pedestrians, but not a crucial link for cyclists. You can make the same connection to the Trolley Trail at the south end of Lake Artemesia, as if you were going onto the Paint Branch Trail.

Now if only they would finish the missing section of the Trolley Trail south toward Riverdale (between Albion and Tuckerman), that would make a much bigger difference.

The missing section of the trolley trail should be done soon. All that remains is the Cafritz property, with a major mixed-use development currently under construction. They plan to build the trail through the development. Don't know how soon it will be finished - maybe this fall? Next spring?

I agree regarding the bridge - it's more important for local pedestrian access than for cyclists. Though I imagine someone wanting to ride from Berwyn Heights to north College Park via the trolley trail would value the connection.

Actually, this link is crucial for cyclists when the MNCPPC trails are effectively closed in snow on ice (Maryland Parks doesn't plow trails in Prince George's). It connects Greenbelt and Berwyn Heights to the College Park trolley trail, which is plowed in the College Park sections. The bridge facilitates the only north south off road out of traffic snow routing. I took it pretty much all February, and I hope it's repaired by next winter.

Berwyn Height Bulletin (May 2015 issue): "The bridge will be closed until the missing section is rebuilt. WMATA estimates that repairs will take 6 - 8 months."

6-8 months from when? It has been 5 months since this gross negligence happened. There is no progress so far and I do not see this happening unless someone puts pressure on WMATA to get this fixed.

The replacemetn beam has been ordered and should arrive by the end of October. Construction should begin in November and be finished by mid December.

New information from WMATA. The replacement beam will be delivered in late December, Construction should be finished by the end of January.

New information from WAMATA. Now the bridge will be closed for more than 12 months. The new date for the span to arrive is in March and it will be installed in late April 2016.

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