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Very excited about 15th & Pennsylvania expansions.

Maybe they flipped the survival/mortality rate? Casey Trees found 2.93% dead, and 80.44% alive, and those numbers seem to harmonize with NYC DPR and the inverse of DDOT's.

Yay for PBLs. When we originally put in the 15th St Cycletrack, the plan for it went all the way to Constitution, however, the potential for a fight over space with the horrible street vendors was too much for the Fenty Administration to tackle at the time. If anyone remembers, in summer 2010 we got the cycletrack built down to Vermont and H to start, which included making the 2009 section (U to Mass) 2-way, but then it wasn't until late fall that the NY Ave to Pennsylvania Ave part was built. That delay was about where Secret Service would make vehicles wait before proceeding into the secure area. Then there was the block of PA Ave from 14th to 15th that wasn't done until the next year.

A lot of angst over if there was too much vehicular demand for left turns to take the space for bikes, as well as the then untested bike signal. It's fun to think about the fits and starts we went through for literally every segment, and how now, it works very well as a system.

How long before the usual suspects start screaming about war on cars? Is that Courtland I hear?

Re: repaving the CCT

I take it that this does not address the abysmal unpaved portion of the trail running east from Bethesda to Silver Spring. Yes I know that portion isn't titled CCT but paving it would quadruple the usage. Just not enough K St lawyers riding that section to work I suppose. Grumble, grumble...

Yeah, DDOT would only do the part in DC. The unpaved portion you refer to will have to wait for the Purple Line when it will finally be paved, grade-separated, lit and finished.

I rode the CCT today. The pavement seems to be in pretty good shape. Most any other trail and certainly the streets are much worse.

Now if your talking about widening the trail by 2 feet then I'm excited.

The CCT isn't in very bad shape, though root cracks in the lower portions are common.

Dohhhh , paying attention to the first word in the article would have contributed significantly to the level of understanding.

"Just not enough K St lawyers riding that section to work I suppose. Grumble, grumble..."

This K St lawyer does ride the trail, and wished my riding would make it better. Unfortunately, that it beyond my magic.

The bike infrastructure in the worst shape has got to be the M Street NW PBL - I hope in future installations they attempt to repave before striping for bike lanes. I actively avoid the M St NW lane because of the terrible condition of the pavement.

Bike lane on Penn SE would be music to my ears...it'a hairy coming home from work

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