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So, Connecticut is the best place to get hit? Silly me for getting hit on 14th or Columbia.

Ridiculous. I ride Connecticut Ave. all the time. It's fine. And the bonus is flying Southbound over the Taft Bridge on a glorious morning. I do not exagerrate when I tell you this is one of the most amazing things you can do in all of DC.

16th Street is ten times worse.

No Best Bike Blog? Have they eliminated that category because of lack of competition?

I think that would be Tales From the Sharrows.

He consistently states that he is the xx-th most read bike blog in DC.

I guess most-read (and most commented on) aren't necessarily the same as "best."

I've been riding Connecticut Ave. every weekday morning for the past couple of years and have yet to be able to "fly southbound" over the Taft Bridge. Beautiful view, I'll give you that, but traffic is always stop-and-go for me. Do you lane-split? My balance needs some work...


I also know the width of my handlebars to the millimeter.

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