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This is good, of course, but there are charitable organizations, e.g., Bikes for the World, who do the same thing on a larger scale and recover utility from existing equipment. I find the number of unused and abandoned bicycles in this country dismaying.

+1 Smedley.

If someone has the resources to learn of this offer and make such a video, they probably have the resources to get a bike on their own.

^Ditto the sentiment.

Brought to you by people whom life has dealt all aces it seems. $500 smart phone is the price of admission to the free bike contest.

Yeah, it's not exactly a wealth transfer to the world's poor.

I'd like to see a "Bikes for the World" program bur for the city instead. People donate a bunch of used bikes, and then instead of shipping them to the developing world, helicopter drop them into a poor neighborhood from the back of a flatbed. "You get a bike. You get a bike." Sure some would be misused, but a bunch of them would land in the hands of people who need them I suspect.

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