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Are the fences still up? I haven't tried to ride through in a while.

Fences are still up on both sides last time I was there. I don't think they will allow access to the site until the Whole Foods opens - at least that's my guess. When I checked it out a week or two ago, there was dirt laid down on the north end of the right of way, between Albion and the fence, but it appeared to be there to allow trucks to access the site - the dirt was not leveled for trail construction. But at least it's not a mud pit on that end of the right of way so you can easily go up to the fence and get a look at the progress. The website says they will start work on the bridge over the RR tracks soon too, but I can't see any clear evidence that they have actually started. The exterior of the Whole Foods looks mostly done.

I checked it out again today. There are fences at the trail on both sides of the construction site, but there is now a sign posted (on both sides) that reads "trail temporarily closed" or something like that. I did not have a camera with me. It does look like the subbase is complete as advertised, along the right of way through the construction site. Also the last little piece on the Riverdale end of the trail is paved, up to the fence. I think the last time I was there the pavement stopped at Tuckerman.

Anyone who tries to visit should be warned that route 1 has no sidewalk northbound, and carries two lanes of heavy traffic. In addition there is currently roadwork of some sort happening just south of the Carfritz construction site. One northbound lane was closed this afternoon.

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