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I'd like to add a few things:
1) DGS told me the contract is for MOWING ONLY. So they have other crews that will do the leaf blowing on the AZ bridge. Furthermore, the area between Chain Bridge road and Battery Kimble badly need the Bamboo to be trimmed back and cleaned up on the ground. That, too, is also separated from the contract...So hopefully by the end of the summer we can get that area looking better too
2) The mowing itself looks great. Especially the area from Battery Kimble Park to Reservoir. Also at the very end near Foxhall rd it looks better.
3) Finally its a process. Establishing a good relationship with DGS can help the Palisades community get things done on the trail that, IMO, wouldn't be contoversial such as:
-Fixing the fence on the AZ bridge
-Proper drainage on the AZ bridge so there is no puddle lingering after raingstorms
-Fixing erosion problems such as the one on this photograph. If it continue to erode, Pepco's trucks wont be able to drive down the path.
(and BTW Pepco has added more plates since I took that photo last year)
Hope this update helps.

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