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Cool! However, isn't the stretch of 1st St NE between L & M also protected by a concrete curb?

Oops. I misread "future" for "first" because of an incorrect GGW headline. My mistake.

There may be a first here though: I think this is the first bike infrastructure in DC that is bedded into the road. Everything else (paint, flex-posts, ParkIts, Zebras, etc.) sits on top of the existing roadway. (I think, but I'm not 100% sure, that the other concrete curbs on 1st are preformed slabs.

This would then be the only bike lane that can't be scrubbed away in an afternoon.

(Or maybe that's just the curb. DDOT hasn't shared any plans publicly.)

Any idea when this will open up? And this cycle track go all the way to the circle?

With a little work, they can make this as confusing as the F Street/1st Street reverse-direction cycle lane that mysteriously ends before you reach the circle, leaving you to contemplate either turning around or fighting the wrong way against traffic.

Looks like maybe it's only there to reach the CaBi dock, but of course you don't know that when you dive in.

Not sure when it will open, but it will connect to the existing bit of trail at the circle.

DE, I think this is the connection to the F Street/1st street cycle lane that you're referring to, no? Let me solve the mystery as to why it ends abruptly. That little segment was constructed as part of the Union Station road re-design project, but the rest of 1st Street was outside of the project area. This project will connect that segment to the previously constructed segment along 1st. Such is the nature of incremental, opportunistic facility construction.

That's the one, thanks.

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