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Dr. Collins always shows up in full kit and says something at the NIH gathering, but I don't know if that counts. Bethesda lived up to its reputation for swag.

Virginia - Market Square (Old Town) pit stop
William Euille - Alexandria Mayor
Del Pepper - Alexandria City Council Member
Tim Lovain - Alexandria City Council Member

The entire City Council has been supportive of biking, when it comes to a vote. However, Tim Lovain and Justin Wilson have been standouts who are ahead of the curve on transit and tend to loose votes from the "cars only" crowd. If you only vote for two people this year, they are the two people to vote for.

Also at Market Square, City Manager Mark Jinks, in kit. Del, Tim, Mark and Bill all helped out with raffle prizes.

I totally missed the Mayor in OT. Then again, I was distracted when Sugar Shack was out of donuts and decided it was my cue to move on.

You missed me at Rosslyn, but then I was there quite early.


And WTF was Mary Cheh? Would have loved to meet her and explain exactly why she's not getting my vote next time.

@Smedley,what did they have in Bethesda? Rosslyn always has some neat stuff,got a bolt-on(as in fridge,toolbox) bottle opener from Bern helmets,a CaBi seat cover,and a neat flashlight from REI. Got some CaBi socks @Freedom Plaza,and picked up a set of lights from each stop I hit to give out at my clinic.

dynariyder, there were official BTWD towels in" fast" orange for registrants, something in a Brookstone box, various water bottles, pants clips and other stuff. I am on a stuff diet, though and since no one had a "biteless" bottle with the little valve you just suck on, I didn't take anything but a banana. Sounds like Rosslyn might be richer. Where that, Virginia or something?

Re the heinous orange color of this year's shirt, there is a running joke in the competitive sailing community about orange bottoms and foils being fast, due to some obscure physical effect. I will save my shirt for this year's Marion-Bermuda race. I'm sure my crew mates will appreciate this contribution to boat speed and if it seems to be working, I will wear it for the five-odd days it will take us to finish.

Scored a Portland Bike Works Bird Cage water bottle holder in Rosslyn (Virginia). That pig is going on my cyclocrosser.

In 2013 Emmett Jordan biked to work with the convoy from the Greenbelt pit stop. Don't know if he did that this year - I had to leave to early to join the convoy. (Last year was a washout).

@Smedley,Rosslyn is just over the Key Bridge in VA. I'm cool with the orange,it's a proper commuter color. Bad colors were the mint green(late '00's) and purple('13?). Would love to see next year's be white.

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