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Works with existing docks? The dock locks looks familiar ?

Yep, works with existing docks.

What really needs changing:

1)pedals,they're way too slippery in the rain

2)rear lights,way too dim

3)front rack,the flat front acts like a sail in headwinds

4)rear fender,needs a mudflap

Would also be nice if we could get the 5spds they have in Seattle. Sounds like they've raised the gearing,which is going to majorly suck in places like Wisc Ave. Drums in place of Roller brakes would also be a good idea;Rollers were never intended for the speeds/hills we have around here.

That Ben Serotta? Wow!

They need a better basket for carrying a full bag of groceries, etc.

I'd like to see a rear rack. But the concern is that people would sit on it. So my thought was one shaped more like a fin. One bar, with a narrow edge on top (ouch). An then sell panniers specifically designed for the CaBi rack.

you wouldn't even need special panniers. just make a rack with a triangular profile (as seen from the rear. in both senses.) and add horizontal bars on either side, a couple of inches down from the top. make sure there's something to clip the bottom of a bag against the bottom, and any pannier should work.

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