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This is a really cool plan. Way better than most DDOT plans these days. One complaint, though, is that DDOT still hasn't discovered the "Floating Bus Stop" concept. On M St, the completely reconstructed bus stop still requires the bus to pull out of traffic, creating an awkward configuration where bus passengers and cyclists basically share a 10 foot bit of pavement. This plan for C Street shows the same configuration (bottom left photo above). I don't get it. Just push the bus stop out into the parking lane as shown here:

and here:

and here:

and here (Dexter Ave, Seattle):

and here (Guadeloupe St., Austin, TX):

For the record, THIS is the difference between a protected bike lane and a cycletrack.

This would be DC's first "real" cycletrack.

But would this remove the bike lanes on the rest of C St NE as is implied?

And as to why DC STILL gets the bus stops completely wrong is anyone's guess, but typical. They're just as bad at intersections and path to road transitions.

Whoops. Think I have to take back the bus stop comment. it looks like they are "floating" the stop after all.

Can you clarify Uptowner?

Anyway, if so, I must hand it to DDOT after all. They may have had a tough year, but if they continue to experiment and improve, then I am grateful. It sure can be painful to watch every city go through the same slow process when so much of this has been tried before around the world and even across the U.S. with known results.

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