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Anyone know what construction they (whoever they is) is working on?

A portion of the Capital Crescent Trail just south of Bethesda Ave. will be closed for about two weeks to allow for trail improvements that are a part of the Lot 31-apartment building construction project, the Flats. Trail users will be directed onto a detour along a new public pathway. Pedestrians will be able to access to sidewalks on Woodmont Ave., and bicyclists will be able to use the newly marked bike lanes.


This isn't the Montgomery Co. portion of the trail.....
Whatyou posted is next to Bethesda downtown

This picture is from the G'town end of the CCT. I believe that the construction relates to DC Water upgrading various pipes. Very pleased that they filled in the gully at the end of water street.

Regarding Bethesda, that detour is quite scenic, but be careful of the pedestrians.

Its mostly DC Water's work on the sewage and overflow pipes.

Some of it may be related to the proposed boathouse replacement.

What I'd like to know is what the paved ramp section - not shown in the image above - is for. In the above image, it would be off on the far right, behind those Jersey barriers.

The DC Water crews have been great during this work. There's always someone posted at each end to help with safety, not that it's really needed, and they've been careful in walking and moving equipment not to disrupt riders.

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