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What do you mean "signs were not verified"?!!?!? ITS A FUCKING BIKE LANE. A priori no parking for cars!

Sorry, but there were more than a dozen on my route home today and 1 u turn over the parking barriers on PA ave - so freaking done with it.

Anyone want to go in on a roll of those "no parking" high-adhesive stickers that some cities and private lot owners use when they actually take this kind of crap seriously? It's pretty clear parking enforcement and police don't give a crap about us. It's not to the extent of vigilantism, as I don't think a damage to property or vandalism charge would even stick. That said, I've had a gun pulled on me in DC over less.

Sounds like a case of government corruption by use of professional courtesy.

yep. Corruption is the correct word when people in government use their power to bend or break the law for people they prefer.

@ ontarioroader
I'm not familiar with the 311 app but my recommendation would be for everybody to flood the app with reports - all day long every hour.

It will be interesting to see if the non-sensical responses continue.

The 311 managers need to be held accountable.

No excuse for not enforcing parking in the bike lane, but I think the confusion originates with the original report, which cites "Emergency No Parking". The "signs not verify" (sic) means that an employee was told to go look for Emergency No Parking signs and none were found (because there weren't any).

There really should be no need for signs about not parking in the bike lane, but it's so rampant that the city needs to enforce it.

Interestingly, there are similar 311 tickets for cars in the bike lanes, and reports that many of the cars belong to DDOT.

I think that road is technically a private road. Look at Google Street View from M St. SW looking north at 4th St. SW before 2009 (you have to be in the east-bound side of M St. to see it). The road doesn't exist there, and isn't created until Safeway rebuilds the block. I recall hearing at some point that is isn't a public road, it's private. That may mean that DC can't enforce parking rules, it's up to the property owner.

I have tried using the TowIt App, it would be more accurate, but DDOT does not monitor it yet because there are not enough people using it.

I saw a delightful 311 agency response last week for a pothole - it has been "restored" by the team. Uh, thanks? How about writing 'repaired' next time...

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