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I could be mistaken, but much of his responses reminded me of how I would respond to a client when I disagree with what I'm saying, but am required to say it because my boss told me to say it.

He also seemed to mimic Bowser here when he opined that DC's traffic enforcement is great, but now we just need to work on "education".

IOW, a politician.

I think they take a special class on how to answer the question you wanted to receive instead of the question you actually got.

He's right that it will require a different DDOT skillset to make things happen. The problem is that the courage to implement the great planning already in place does not exist. To his credit, he didn't promise that DDOT would suddenly attain this skillset - he knows they won't.

For goodness sake, we can't even get DDOT to just follow through and create a bike lane gap in a diverter on 44th and Garrison Street because 3 people have complained.

@Fong Fong: You mean 44th & Harrison? That would be fantastic! I ride there all the time, and it's such a no-brainer.

Also, the main thing I hear from Dormsjo is excuses for why things are not happening, but what I want to hear is DDOT's plan to make things actually happen.

Regarding bikeshare, Chicago just expanded their system by 175 stations and 1750 bikes, Bay Area Bike Share (SF) just announced a 6,300 bike expansion, and NYC announced a 6,000 bike 375 station expansion as well, and all use the same system as DC. DC is clearly far behind these other cities, and Dormsjo is giving excuses instead of creating a plan.


"we are coming to a phase of our work that will require more consensus building"

Meaning that in order to provide decent infrastructure for bikes, something has to give. Whether it's car parking, a lane of vehicle traffic, or even narrowing of lanes, DDOT is going to get lots of pushback from people who see a "War on Cars" and they are not looking forward to dealing with it.

And to what degree can DDOT do much of that itself without political cover? I wouldn't expect too many to go out on a pro-bike limb if they needed Bowser to have their back.

When DC's AME churches start having parishioners come via bike, Bowser will support bike lanes.

@Uptowner -

On Thursday there is a "6:30pm meeting at 44th and Harrison Streets, NW on June 4 to discuss concerns over DDOT’s proposal to modify the traffic diverter. " according an email I received, forwarded from Mike Goodno, Bicycle Program Specialist | Policy, Planning & Sustainability Administration | District Department of Transportation

@ Uptowner, and others. Please show up to this meeting. The crazies are coming and don't want cyclists on their streets. We need some semi-sane folks to show up and make sure DDOT follows through.

People objected to that? Wonders never cease. I have to say, I go by there all the time, but don't ride that particular segment. What route are you going that involves that?

Ken & Fong Fong, where is this meeting. Didn't the ANC already vote to support the cut throughs?


So he is just learning about Bixi and their bankruptcy? That happened almost 1.5 years ago. That's old news.

Motivate and 8D have moved on from Bixi. So the only story of future relevance is the supply line through Motivate/8D and their partners.

He's just using it as an excuse. It's a rather transparent one at that.

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