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It's important to keep in mind that the final design will likely some pieces from each concept plan. It's not "pick one", it's "what do you like and what do you dislike from each concept?"

In addition to looking at how the trail connects, pay attention to the intersection between Boundary Channel and Connector Road. Pay attention to how cyclists would transition between the bike lanes on Long Bridge Drive and the trail.

Why not simply put another traffic circle at Boundary Channel + Connector?

DES did a great job emphasizing that this is not just a wonderful trails & local access project, but that it got its start with a larger study whose primary goal was reducing I395 motor vehicle conflicts, crashes, and congestion at the 14th St Bridge. Everyone wins

Reason for concept 1:
1)The trail connector has less ramp crossings.
2) On the LBP side, an intersection will make everyone's life easier
3) For going Southbound on 395, the southern entrance is easier to merge
4) For exiting from Southbound 395, you have more time to get in the correct lane and less weaving.
5) On the LBP side, it takes less space than current roads. (the road actually moves west slightly).

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