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I used to ride everyday with DZR's and loved them while they lasted. I went through 1 pair of DZR Prolly's and 2 pairs of DZR Midnight's in a matter of 2 years. I rode in them quite a bit, for what I would assume based on how long they lasted me, more than they were designed for. After 3 pairs I switched to regular SPD bike shoes and just had to get use to the fact that my bike shoes did not look very cool.

UrbanEngineer answered the one question I was going to ask. I do home that you keep us posted on how long these last, I have been looking for a shoe that I can wear in my commute to the train station and then walk to the office without having to change my shoes.

Thanks for this info. Sort of related, I have two pairs of non-cleated shoes made by Chrome that I wear on days when my shoes might get soaked by rain. They dry fast and recover well. Some of their shoes come in versions with or without mounting points for cleats.

I'll look into these, and the cleated Chromes. My Lake touring shoes are pretty worn down these days.

If I buy these, do I have to grow a goatee and wear ironic bowling shirts?

I've used Shimano SH-MT22 MTB that I bought on sale in a slightly darker brown than you see here:


with my Speedplay frogs for three years now when I wear shoes and not my spd sandals. More than once have I forgotten to take them off and no one the wiser.

Jonathan - at least for commuting I am a big fan of Shower's Pass shoe covers (good on my shoes and sandals both).

Great review. Are they comfortable?

I wouldn't want to walk 3 miles in them, but they're find for walking around a building or biking in.

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