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So, out of 50 states, +1 DC:

DC is 50
MD is 47

So, when the state legislatures start talking about making things more "bike friendly" or "pedestrian friendly" how about starting by making it "DUI unfriendly"

In Montgomery County the right lawyer and several thousand dollars makes DUI charges disappear.

^I've testified in several DUI cases in which 2nd & 3rd timers received only small fines and/or community service. MoCo is an absolute joke when it comes to DUI prosecution.

Explains MD roadway design and street design -- primary safety concern seems to be ultra-wide lanes to provide swerve room and guard rails and clear zones (no trees, that is) to protect drunk drivers.


This actually works well for the ongoing legislative effort to split off a BUI offense. BUI could be held with existing penalties while we increase DUI to be among the strictest in the nation, or at least to match VA.

Thanks for looking into this.

States need to be way more strict about phone use while driving as well. In Maryland, texting while driving will get you a ticket ($83). 2nd offense will get you a ticket ($140). 3rd and all subsequent offenses will get you a ticket ($160). Really?

In Australia, cell phone use gets you a ticket for several hundred dollars and points, on the first offense. Second offense can be enough to lose your license, as my chatty niece found out.

Will, good point. I still think it's tough sledding on that issue though. There seems to be an unwillingness to accept a correlation between threat and penalty.

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