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Nonetheless, DDOT has responded to the loudest critics by holding yet another meeting on this issue.

DDOTS continues! This reminds me of the lengthy debate on adding the climbing bike lane to New Mexico Ave. How long did that go on over just a stripe of white paint?

In contrast - DDOT decided to move the 3rd St NW on ramp for 395 to Massachusetts Ave as part of the Capital Crossings development. Amount of public input and notice given to the public - ZERO.

So when DDOT really wants to do something they just do it. But everything else they foot drag and study, study, study.

DDOT has proposed making 44th Street into a Bicycle Boulevard between Western and Van Ness,

Move DC shows a planned bike lane on 49th St. Nothing for 44th. I think 44th makes better sense as it connects close to FH and to better routes on into Mont Co.

I used 44th quite a bit when I worked in the area. Its easy to ride around the diverter by using the sidewalk but a cut through should really be made for bicycles.

I don't understand the comment that there will only be one bike lane. Is it that there isn't room for a lane on each side of the street? Are they thinking of making yet another suicide bike lane where cyclists are expected to ride head-on at each other???

It's a good idea. I've often biked the parallel route of Military Road, and been honked at more times than I care to recall. The irony is that the timing of the lights is such that any car that I "held up" would have to stop for a red light in any event.

A problem with nearly all the side streets in this area of town (e.g., 44th St) is that they were laid out to have just enough width to allow parking, on both sides of the street, and cars pass only by slowing and yielding some of the middle of the road.

So any bike lane is going to be sort of notational - cars will use it when they have. And the bike lane will be firmly in the kill zone of car doors.

That might be why the proposed treatment is a bike boulevard, rather than a bike "lane" per se.

Ah my mistake. Some of the references were to bike lanes. Bike boulevard - do we have an existing one around here?

When I ride home via the friendship heights whole foods I will sometimes turn onto Jennifer (other times wait until Ingomar): Last week I actually saw a driver on the east side of the barrier drive up ONTO THE SIDEWALK to get around onto the west side via a driveway cut....never saw that before (it was rush hour too)

Mark my words: the next ~20 miles of bike infrastructure build-out will have a lot of "advisory" bike lanes in places that neither need nor accommodate cycling. Thanks, Leif "Windshield" Dormsjo!

If DDOT won't build the curb cuts here, it's not terribly hard to improvise some. Some scrap wood can be assembled into a staircase arrangement that's easier to ride up onto, for instance. A more permanent ramp could be poured, although I'd recommend a pipe to let stormwater channel underneath.

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