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Let's hope DDOT builds on this work to start ramping up work on neighborhood greenways. We currently have none, but this is the type of tool needed to make them happen.

I went there this past weekend....hardly any traffic south of the barrier...all the traffic is north of the barrier.
I must have seen 5 bicyclists in a 30 minute period.
I still think they should remove the barrier completely.
I think it pushes all of the traffic to garrison.

This is a companion barrier to that on Jennifer Street, each of which were put in place over 20 years ago when residents complained that through traffic would inundate their street due to Mazza Gallery. So because of these barriers, now Harrison Street becomes a traffic sewer for cars seeking to get from Western to Connecticut Avenue. So Jennifer and Garrison Street's gains are Harrison's losses. Yet, the residents on these blocks whined ever about having more cyclists on their traffic protected blocks.

Good for DDOT saying that the point of bike infrastructure is to encourage, well, cycling.

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