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If you think this is ridiculous, please direct your comments to countyboard@arlingtonva.us

Ah the signal modifications. The little nonstandard no-right-turn arrow that lights up right when the light changes to green? Many drivers either don't see it (at that point they're either already going or they're looking toward oncoming traffic), don't understand it, or ignore it. Close calls still occur through here all the time. It's just not a good fix. The intersection needs to be no-turn-on-red all the time.

Mostly what they've done through here is reduce the time cyclists and pedestrians have to get through the intersection. Many drivers pay attention, but you absolutely cannot count on it.

Yes, I'll be writing the board.

The danger of this intersection became evident 27 years ago in 1988, when the NPS extended the Mt Vernon Trail north of Memorial Drive to Rosslyn Circle. Arlington bicyclists have complained about this intersection for decades, and a "comprehensive" Rosslyn Circle Crossing Study was funded ca. 2000 with a $1 federal (TCSP) grant. This Crossing Study recommended both "short-term" at-grade crossing improvements as well as a trail underpass of Lynn St. The fact that many of the "short-term" recommendations, which were supposedly fully funded ca. 2000, have still not been built indicates that even "short-term" bikeway improvements in Arlington often take more than a decade to implement.

WABA has sent out one of those "Take Action" emails to its members. Not sure, but maybe it can be found on their website.

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