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I've personally envisioned something similar to protest motorists who don't stop at unsignalized pedestrian crossings: get a group of 20-30 to lead a (legal) continuous stream back and forth across 14th via Corcoran on a Friday evening at ~9pm. For an hour or so. With cameras rolling.

This is a protest? Then I'm practically Gandhi and MLK combined, every day.

Famously gruff-but-lovable Crikey as Ghandi. That's the best thing I've read so far today.

It is funny how impatient some motorists can be when cyclists actually fully obey the law with a complete, foot-down stop. But then, driving downtown isn't really driving, and they get frustrated easily because of that.

I think a track-stand sort of stop or hesitation is fine for stop signs, but many motorists don't understand that you're actually stopping, so I often have to give them a kindly wave-through. I'm only going to unclip at a light that is going to be longer than, say, 30 seconds.


You put your foot down at every stop sign?

Well, maybe not every stop sign.

Love the update. Look at all those law-abiding cyclist-citizens!

I'm thinking of Crickey as Ghandi, and agreeing that a dhoti would be very comfortable right now, but wondering whether it would get tangled in the wheels and chain.

Did the "frustrated drivers" receive citations for driving on the wrong side of the road?

@Rob you mean like this?


Oh poor drivers: they had to wait about as much as a pedestrian would wait for a walk signal

Morgan Fitzgibbons, a good friend of mine and the organizer of this protest, was on a radio show this morning discussing this issue. I thought it was a worthwhile listen: http://www.kqed.org/a/forum/R201507310930

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