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i might be misunderstanding the renderings, or misunderstanding your understanding of them... but i don't think concept 2 actually includes a ramp on the west-side.

my ideal would be Concept 2, with the existing southside sidewalk from the bridge (and curbramp!!) to the 'New ADA Path' widened to a trail-standard 8 feet

darren, you're right. The ramp is the path on the east in Option 2. Then the steps really need a bike trough.

I don't care how they make the connections if they just put in some $#&^% curb cuts. And for the love of heaven, do it NOW. Not in 5 years.

I've been sorely tempted to take a sledgehammer out there and make a "curb cut" myself. It's so dumb.

It might be worth a 311 request for a curb cut.

311 Request - Done! (last April)


It seems that the boundaries for this project should extend further north. The two sidewalks over the Southwest Freeway are largely blocked by light fixtures to the point it doesn't seem to be an accessible route. That would result in someone using the ADA compliant ramp to be essentially stranded and have to come back down. The cobblestone paving wouldn't even support a wheelchair user in the roadway.

@dbb, pretty sure the "promenade" in the middle is technically the pedestrian route, rather than the sidewalks.

I once talked with someone who was around when it was brand-new. It used to have fountains running the length of the promenade, but apparently those broke within weeks of its opening, and it's all been downhill from there.

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