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Thanks for this update. Good things are in the works, but it's taking a REALLY long time to get them done. Any word on any of the following projects?

-protected bike lane for Pennsylvania Ave west of the White House
-14th St NW bike lanes to fill the gap
-15th St PBL extension to Constitution

among others

I just noticed yesterday that DDOT painted on bike lanes on 2nd Street, SE south of East Capitol Street. Don't know if they plan on extending it to 2nd Street, NE.

Yeah I have a photo of that someone just sent me.

It amazes me that there are so many bicycle routes AROUND Union Station but so few that can actually get you TO/FROM it - and only the thinnest of links for any east/west traffic at all.


The people who put the commuter bike station, the bikeshare station, and the bike rental business in the middle of a bikeway island were truly visionary.

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