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Wow, glad you are OK. I'd bring this up next time we hear the media asesrt that cyclists are too quick to complain about nothing

Glad your ok Dave! I've been debating whether to carry mace.

So, do we ride on the road and risk being injured by a distracted driver, or ride on the trail and risk being injured by a criminal?

Hope your neighbor fully recovers.

Check local laws before using mace or pepper spray.

Sorry this happened to you. It is very disturbing.

I carried pepper spray for a few years after being run off the road by car and then attacked with fists by a group of teens of out in Wheaton. It made me feel a little better, but I was worried about incapacitating myself with it or otherwise narrowing my options by relying on it.

The recent reports of bizarrely aggressive behavior, connected with "synthetic drugs" raises the possibility that this man was on, something and that incapacitating agents might not have worked. Dear old ethanol or ketamine can do that too.

I've had a couple of odd run-ins lately that I had assumed were crack-related until I read the WP article on synthetic drugs. Another thing to be on your guard for besides the regular right hooks, left hooks, illegal U-turns, and doors. I don't want to carry a weapon, generally thinking they make it too easy to escalate things better left un-escalated, but I understand the temptation.

Mace wouldn't work for me. In order to be some place useful, it'd have to be accessible; which means that the three small pickpockets I live with would eventually grab it and mace me, or themselves or one of their brothers. Or all three.

Then that would be a "learning experience"

You have plenty of dangerous things in your house now that you keep away from the kids. You can find a way to keep the mace safe when it's in the house.

Well, the kids aren't just with me in the house. I would need the mace to be someplace accesible on my bike (or else, what is the point?), but away from the kids who are often riding with me.

And the kids are constantly getting into things they shouldn't despite our efforts to prevent that. So, a better strategy is just to limit bad items. I have yet to have heard of a cyclist thwarting an attack with mace.

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