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I prefer brake lights over break lights although lasers that could actually break something would be cool too.

Might be the dog's bollocks, but I dislike anything that adds weight to the head., ecause (a) of neck fatigue and funky mechanics when sprinting or climbing out of the saddle and, (2) because of the increased moment imparted to the head during a crash. This latter increases the (theoretical) risk of concussion and spinal cord injury.

It's cool, but it's not a new idea. I had a helmet with a built-in light years ago. From the looks of this one, though, LED and battery technology have made it possible to make them far brighter than mine was.

This has been done a couple of times. The thing is,since the lights are integral to the helmet,if the helmet is damaged,or just too old to be serviceable,you have to throw everything out.

I run a set of Blackburn Fleas on my helmet. They're so light I don't notice them,are really bright,and I can swap them between helmets.

Yeah, but helmets don't really need to be thrown out due to age. And I worry about attaching something to a helmet because it might mean that it will change the way it works when it hits the ground. WHat if the light gets hooked on something or grips the pavement adding rotational force?

I've seen the light in helmets before, but not with the brake light, turn signal and USB charge. And not this bright a light either.

I like that they didn't try to design a new helmet style. The rear lights look bright enough and with the separation from lights attached to the frame give vehicles behind a better sense of distance to you. The turn indicators seem a little less useful, though not useless. Vehicle operators behind you (a) are not looking for turn indicator centrally located and (b) may not notice one more set of flashing lights that are directly adjacent to another set. The front flashing lights seem too weak to me. They clearly cast no light to see by, but aren't even bright enough to catch the eye of vehicles approaching from the side. I would switch high intensity bluish lights with a much brighter flash--bright enough to be seen in daytime.

I really like the automatic brake lights idea (which could be used for body lighting as well if it works well) but I'm not sure how much I'd use the turn signals for the same reason I rarely use my bell: it's at the top of my drop bars but my brakes are at the bottom.

Check out their FAQ reasons why they won't ship to Australia. Their helmet laws are a real problem.

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