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The 8th St NE cycle track is sorely needed. Cars have limited visibility to enter 8th St NE from side streets which often leads to close calls with an increasing number of bikes. Notably missing is the Monroe St NE underpass though, there are two trail sized access points on both sides of the current bridge.

don't forget to mention that the "dew drop inn" (form. "chocolate city brewery") is to the left of the white map/sign in the 1st pic. will all this activity on/around the trail lead to a decrease in crime? i, for one, hope so.

Continued development and other ways of increasing pedestrian and cyclist traffic will help with safety issues. One problem spot is the Safeway (Sanitary Grocery Co.) warehouse at T St. There's a stretch of the trail hidden from the street. A woman was attacked there last year.

There was a mini crime spree at Edgewood St.

The new REI store at Uline Arena will be a flagship store, with community activities such as local group runs, walks and rides. Presumably many of these activities would take place on the MBT. More group activities and more people on the trail at various times of the day can increase safety for everyone.

It would be nice to see redevelopment at other spots along the trail, such as at R St, T St and Edgewood St.

An 8th St NE protected bike lane would be amazing!

An 8th St NE "Shared-use path" would be a sidewalk.

A sidepath is better than a sidewalk. Usually it's wider and the surface is made of asphault instead of concrete. On Penn Ave SE I use one going up the hill to 38th and it's far better than a sidewalk. [That was originally to be a bike lane, but then during construction it was changed into a sidepath due to "a pipe". Or so I've been told].

A raised and separated bike-ped facility is not a sidewalk.

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