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I can guarantee you that the count will go up once its built. The georgetown Branch trail in its current format really isn't a fun trail IMO.....hopefully this will vastly improve it

OMG. Did you see how one of the "Friends" had their kid put together a series of drawings as to why the Purple Line is bad: http://savethetrail.org/community/save-the-trail-comic/

I'm not beyond using my 6 year old as a shill for better bike infrastructure, but this seems much more unseemly.

For the kids . . .

I think she missed a real opporunity with the rabbit that was panhandling. Should havve showed it turning Tricks (Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids), which would have been more visceral.

Are there any guarantees that Ajay Bhatt won't build a five-car garage on top of the new trail? Or a gardener's house? Or an extended addition to his own house?

Are there any guarantees that MD won't decide the environmental impact of the trail is too great after they've already built the rail line, a la the ICC?

hmmm Savethetrail.org domain seems to have disappeared.

DE, I don't know if there are any guarantees, but according to Marianne Fowler, the then Rails-to-Trails Conservancy's senior vice president of federal relations, if a corridor is railbanked, it can only be used for a trail or returned to commercial rail-road use. A transit line can be added, but the trail has to remain for the railbanking to remain in place. So if there were no trail, landowners or advocates could threaten to petition the STB to have the railbanked corridor's status revoked.

If that is correct, then that's pretty close to a guarantee.

It's instructive to have the "preservation" shoe on the other foot for a change. Judge not lest we be judged, let's just get the damn thing built.

Re rabbits turning tricks, the ones around here really need to get their protection working!

Good to hear a legal opinion. I'll miss the old trail though, with its trees and woods. All it needed was a bit of paving and some love. I suppose the tradeoff of greater utility is worth it, especially since we've already decided to pave over everything we can anyway. It'll be better for commuters who live there. I only get out that way a few times a year to do the Rock Creek loop--mostly on very hot days when I can be sure the crowds aren't too bad--so my interest in it isn't as imperative as that of the locals.

It is nice. Before work begins, someone should ride the trail and get some Go-Pro video of it - for posterity.

I will miss the unpaved trail. It feels more like an overgrown dirt road that happens to be there than a "facility" and the speed differentials are lower. Sic transit...

Ajay Bhatt?


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