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Don't worry the delivery trucks will still find a way to park in it.

Why leave a gap in the protection?? The gap is precisely where cars and trucks will illegally park. Ugh.

The gap where you see the man walking is where they haven't finished installation yet. The barrier goes all the way to the top of the hill.

By the time I left work last night they had installed bollards at the intersection of 1st and G Street. I was wondering how they were going to handle that.

They have also put in signs at G Street telling cyclist that they are suppose to stop for pedestrians. They should have put those signs in initially, not sure how many times I saw a cyclist barrel through the cross walk with pedestrians in it while the cars have stop signs.

Unfortunately, the kind of cyclist who barrels through pedestrians at crosswalks is not the kind of cyclist who is going to yield because of a sign. Still, somehow the signs seem mandatory, I don't know why. Perhaps every little bit helps.

A sign might help with legalities in the event of an accident.

Which is going to happen soon when pedestrians amble through the bike trail, as they always do, at the end of the trail at Mass. Ave.

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