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At least the City of Alexandria established and tracked a set of performance measures. If Arlington County had attempted something similar, it would have failed just as miserably in living up to most of its hype.

We in Alexandria have learned much from Arlington on everything from bike counters to bike parking rules for new buildings. There is no shame if Arlington can also learn from Alexandria. Other than DC I know of no jurisdiction in this region doing better on bike conditions than Arlington, and DC's movement ahead has been quite recent.

One thing Arlington has done recently is to repave the Custis Trail between Abingdon and Buchanan--that section of trail that would jar stuff off your bike. It took a couple of years, but it's done. They plowed the Custis this winter too. I'm grateful to live in and commute through a county that does this kind of thing.

In some of the road situations, like the intersection of doom, they are restricted a bit because of VDOT, and they do get a fair bit of blowback from motorists on things like new bike lanes on Wilson Blvd. I would love Lee Highway to be safer myself.

DC, Arlington, and Alexandria have different dynamics, but they're largely decent places to cycle.

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