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I'm holding my breath that this time it's real. I'm taking the train mid September to Pittsburgh and riding back.

The $25 charge is more than what users pay on other lines. But it's what I would have paid anyway on the Capitol Limited to buy a box ($15) and check it ($10).

So for the same price one is getting more convieinence and flexibility.

When I took my bike on Amtrak to Pittsburgh a few years ago (in a box) I received the completely complementary service of glares and scoffing noises from the steward.

I'm thinking October...

“The expansion of bike service will take place as early as next week,” Amtrak spokeswoman Kimberly Woods confirmed on Thursday.

My hope is after Labor Day. If they don't implement it soon might as well wait until next Spring!

Great news. I hope that the officials at either end know about this rule change, and don't freak out when I try to wheel my bike on board.

Amtrak lost my bike for a day when I did the GAP to C&O earlier this year, so I prefer the option of loading and unloading it myself.


Now you're scaring me! :(

Just got on the capital limited heading for Pittsburgh with 4 bikers who completed the trail today. They were told no Roll on service yet! Just for the record today is Tuesday 9-8-15

Amtrak is worse than DDOT on the streetcar! First rule of PR - under promise and over deliver. Amtrak keeps getting that backwards :(.

Just spoke with the trains conductor on the capital limited into Chicago on 09-10-2015 and he stated that no one has ever notified him of the start of roll on service.

Perhas the upcoming Papal visit has completely captured all of Amtrak's attention. Walking and chewing gum at the same time can be hard.

Greenbelt's guess is looking stronger and stronger.

I booked a bike on the Capitol Limited to Pittsburgh. It cost $20. I think it started September 15.

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