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Strangely, lots of other dense cities manage to have both motorists, peds, bikes and public transportation without descending into chaos.

Methinks Mr. Core is not really thinking. This whole physics thing of not having two things in one place at one time would seem to mean less room for his car. But if he is serious, that is great.

I think he really means that until there are separate infrastructures, bikes need to get off the road. By then, Mr. Core and Mr. Milloy will have gone to the great freeway in the sky where the roads are like car commercials.

"if we could get more motorists on two wheels it would help to reduce our traffic, but because our roads are so crowded, the truth is bikes and cars just can not safely use the same roads."

His philosophy on bikes is very similar to mine on dieting...Obviously, eating less would help me lose weight, but I don't like to be hungry, so the truth is dieting just doesn't work.

Theres this thingy in between both your feet.... its called a brake pedal. slow down, take it easy, you'll get there just fine... all of 30 seconds later.

Lets try not to kill anyone today.

Grumpy old men.

First, bicycles have always been allowed on the roads in the USA (with the exception of many high speed highways) and in every other Country on the world. The only place I've found bikes banned from the roads are large cities in India and China.

Second, Core once again completely ignores the major problem. Drivers are becoming less and less responsible for driving safely. Speed limits are now considered a minimum instead of the maximum, right turns at stop lights and stop signs are now yield signs. Drivers are now as much if not more scofflaws than cyclist are.

The fact is, even removing the number of cyclists and peds killed by drivers, the number of drivers killing other drivers because drivers drive dangerously is very high.

Sadly, while Chris has stated that cyclists need to following rules, it seems that drivers not following the rules and killing other drivers seems is a Core value.

Well said joeF: in 2013 there were 30,057 fatal motor vehicle crashes, with 32,719 deaths. Talking about bikes is just rearranging desk chairs on the titanic.

JoeF, after posting this I thought the same thing. The truth is cars and cars just can not safely use the same roads.

My interpretation is that he found himself inconvenienced by being stuck behind a cyclist in 2002, again in 2010, and then again this year. Or three times in 13 years, which seems about right based on my experience. The difference being that he needs to fill a radio show.

I could complain about the number of times I have been stuck behind old codgers, who are the vast majority of Chris Core's target demographic.

After reading this article, I got a mental picture of Chris Core, Courtland Milloy and Tony Kornheiser climbing into a MAD MAX type car armed with flame throwers and 50 caliber machine guns and then spending the day by chasing down cyclists that “don’t belong on MY road”.

I don't think Chris Core is totally wrong about major commuting streets. I live in Alexandria and don't feel safe riding up Washington Street in Old Town or Route 1 anytime much less rush hour. Take Washington Street as an example. I see cyclists all the time riding with rush hour traffic in the far right lane. That lane is HOV so naturally motorists try to pass. I avoid it by riding one block over which is much quieter and safer, and gets me to the same place. I don't want to put myself in position of relying on a motorist to "share the road" during rush hour when I know those knuckleheads are in a hurry and constantly doing stupid shit. I agree 100% that we need safer bicycling options on major commuter streets. Until then, I'm gonna take the safe route even though it's legal for me to be on the commuter road. If there's one thing I've learned it's that rush hour motorists are predictably fucking insane.

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