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I know you're contemplating cheap and low-hanging fruit, but a connection from the downstream TR bridge stub directly across to Iwo Jima would be FAR more useful than any of these. Your 2007 post linked here indicates that this connection is both in DC bike plan and is an Arlington BAC priority. Is that still the case? Sad to see no progress on this.

The other thing that needs to be done ASAP is widening the bridge sidepaths, which are absurdly narrow and dangerous.

DDOT had a budget item to rehab the TR Bridge starting in 2021 and connecting the downstream sidewalk is one specific goal. But they may instead use the space to widen the sidewalk on the upstream side.

Some sort of bike/ped improvement will surely be a part of the 2021 construction - I believe WABA has been involved in the process already.

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