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Its hard to change the mindset of drivers when the ambulance is parked in the bike lane, forcing bikes to go into the driving lane. Why not park in the driving lane?

"Why not park in the driving lane?"

Because stuff like this happens:


and this:

tell me @SJE that was supposed to be satire....?

No, it was not meant to be satire. There are two lanes of car traffic in each direction, and only one bike lane. Why block the bike lane, and force cyclists into the car lanes? Its adding to the danger. It also sends a message that bike lanes are somehow less important than car lanes, which is why they are blocked and violated by all sorts of cars.

The bike lane is already being blocked by the car that attempted an illegal U-turn and a bicycle. I am completely fine with the ambulance getting close to where the person needing attention is located.

If the patient is down in the bike lane the correct/safest place to place the ambulance is blocking the bike lane to protect the down patient and EMT's from cyclists or drivers who may strike them.

Um, yeah, there's an injured cyclist "blocking" the bike lane. The ambulance is protecting the injured guy.

I can't believe the first thing someone saw was how cyclists were being disrespected somehow.

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