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Any chance this will also include a road diet on Klingle between Porter and Adams Mill? It's 2 lanes in each direction, but there's absolutely no need for it. It makes it very challenging to bike on that stretch, as car drivers speed and pass aggressively there. Protected bike lanes on that stretch would make a great connection between Mt Pleasant and the Cathedral area and would improve safety for everyone.

@uptowner, totally agree and I would love to see all but two of the Klingle ramps closed. Now that a trail is coming, there is only a need for two access roads, one to Klingle Rd homes/trail head and another to Beach Dr. The picture with the car should simply close that ramp completely because there is no need for it anymore.

That part of Klingle is not in the scope of the project.


Sure, but is it on DDOT's radar for the future? The discussion seems relevant to this project, even if they can't do it with this project's money.

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