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Am I alone in wondering "why?" This street was fine for cycling without bike lanes, the bike lanes they've added are sub-standard (they include the gutter pan), and they only carry traffic between East Capitol and nowhere. There was no demand here - from cyclists, anyway.

But combined with previous USCP comments about desires to limit traffic near the Capitol Campus, I'm suspicious that the final result will be closure of East Capitol like they've long had for N/S streets between and around congressional office buildings.

I guess I know why. Jim Sebastian has basically said that he would like to get a bike facility onto every street that he can. I'm guessing this is one they could. It does have a gutter pan, but it's not in the door zone - making it better than most bike lanes in DC.

This street might have been fine for cycling for experienced cyclists, but remember, most facilities are being built for people who aren't riding now, but would if the streets were safer or if they had a facility to ride in.

I would say that the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and Independence is not quite "nowhere" and that this is how a bike network gets built - one disjointed piece at a time. Building this means that continuing it south or north has more urgency.

Maybe they're going to close East Capitol, but I doubt USCP has told Mike Goodno this.

It's time like this that I feel bad for Mike Goodno. Put in a bike lane and people wonder why. Put in sharrows and people call them fake bike facilities that do no good. Put in nothing and people complain about how few miles of bike lanes DC has installed. It seems like he can't win sometimes.

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