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Perfectly positioned for a dooring incident. Didn't the DOT employee read the MUTCD guidelines on how to apply these markings?

Obviously not. Those need to be moved to the middle of the lane!

Cool! More pics of bikes getting run over repeatedly by cars...

How is this helpful exactly?

How are sharrows helpful? Is that what you're asking?

I resisted yesterday b/c I'm ambivalent about this and needed to make sure I wasn't overreacting. It's on a street that mostly gets neighborhood and school traffic, so you might think it's not necessary, but to the extent that it makes the high schoolers feel comfortable/allowed on the road, that is good. But it's really poor placement and could teach people who are just learning to ride in traffic that they should be on the edges of the road and in the door zone. I would expect it from VDOT, but this is Arlington so I assume it's on the county. It really should be fixed.

nice pavement

Re DE's comment - these sharrows also might give drivers the impression that cyclists need to ride the edge/door zone. Still, they are better than no symbols at all, I think. And I agree with Mike, with the apparent condition of that road, the sharrows are the least of a cyclist's worries.

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