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In addition to existing regulations that prohibit U-turns at controlled intersections, there are also regulations that say a legal U-turn cannot cross other lanes. This is inherently impossible here.

DDOT needs to make the case for changing these regs and expanding U-turns. For bonus points, the explanation should include how it fits with Vision Zero concepts like engineering around human fallibility, because when things go wrong at 13.5th street it's still going to be the pedestrians and cyclists who get killed.

Right now, cars can make left turns, can't they? Functionally, I'm not sure how a U-turn is any different.

Bicycles make protected permissive left turns too.

Without details about how DDOT plans to separate a U-turn cycle from a left turn cycle, a cyclist making a legal left turn may be in the path of U-turns.

If installing wheel stops for these two blocks required "a little bit more deliberation" for four months despite the obvious need, DDOT can also demonstrate need and show a little bit of deliberation before unleashing this monster on us.

What is the best avenue to voice concern with DDOT regarding the allowance of U-turns at 13 1/2 ST? Bikers heading North in that intersection to go East on the bike lane with cross with cars pulling U-turns which seems potentially dangerous.

“The particular roadway characteristics along Pennsylvania Avenue on the 1300 and 1400 blocks required a little bit more deliberation because we didn’t want to create a false impression for motorists or cyclists,” Dormsjo said. “It wasn’t a straight forward installation like the rest of the blocks.”


@Bill on Capitol Hill: they didn't want the false impression that council members have to follow the law like everyone else. it could be dangerous if a cyclist operating under that (false) impression rode as though the adjacent drivers would do something sensible and legal.

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