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Did you report this to 311/DDOT/Councilmember Cheh?

I have not. I guess I should do that

I just emailed her now

I sent a similar picture to DDOT on twitter Monday morning and got a canned "we'll look into it" response. During AM rush hour there were about 5-6 peds and 2 cyclists just walking and riding in oncoming traffic lanes. It's exactly what you would expect people to do if you provide no real alternative. This is far worse than the Van Ness sidewalk closure as it requires backtracking about a mile before you start heading in the right direction again.

I didn't take a picture, but to the right of those machines was a guy sitting in his car that was on the sidewalk. Probably from DC water. I don't know what he was monitoring....certainly wasn't pedestrians

I talked to the guy in the car, he's a supervisor for Anchor Construction. He said the sidewalk closure wasn't their problem, that they had permits and "where else am I going to park".

correct, it's not their fault the permits were issued--that's a matter for your elected representatives to sort out

The three huge boxes are also inconveniently situated at the apex of a curve, meaning that in order to get around them, you have to stand in the traffic lane to see if there is any oncoming traffic. Pedestrians and / or cyclists who bail out before then and take their chances on the median or with traffic may be making the wiser choice.

This doesn't appear to be "reasonable accommodation" and someone could die here the way this is set up.

It only marginally affects motor vehicles, so no one actually cares. If motorists were endangered and inconvenienced in the manner that pedestrians/cyclists are here, there would be a TV News crew down there...

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