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Nice to see more updates!

The first access trail you marked, in Kenilworth aquatic gardens, was an existing hiking trail. You can see it marked on this map - look at the detail in the upper right corner. The route shown on Google maps is not accurate - the trail went all the way to the outlet from the marsh to the Anacostia, where the bridge is under construction. So I suspect the portion connecting the visitor center/gardens area to the new trail will remain. Currently the aquatic gardens close at 5:00pm (and 4:00 in the winter), so if those hours remain it will restrict afternoon/evening access from that direction.

The second access road you identified is the one that would make a potential shortcut to avoid the roundabout route through Mayfair. As I noted before, if they don't upgrade the surface it might not work well for skinny tires.

The Google map is accurate. I have the Strava data to prove it. What I went on was not a trail, but an old road. You can see the brown line of the road on this earth view of it.


OK, I guess I should say the map is incomplete. My point is that the trail/road extended to the marsh outlet prior to construction of the new ART.

The route may well have been built as a road and used as a service road, but it was/is indeed marked as the "river trail" - as noted on the map in my earlier post. It was a wide dirt route that would be passable with vehicles. So it's not what we would customarily think of as a trail, but it is the same route that was marked/used as a trail.

The 2nd and 3rd photos in your set above are on that portion of the trail that existed prior to the current construction but are not along the route of the road indicated on Google. This is the reason why I think the park will continue to maintain the eastern portion of the river trail as a trail. They might not plan to improve it for bike access though - it would be worth checking with NPS on this. Kenilworth Gardens is managed as part of National Capital Parks East.

Here is a photo I took in 2011 at the mouth of the channel connecting the marsh to the river. There are several more of the trail in this photo set. You can see a park map in this one with the river trail indicated in yellow.

OK. I think I misread the Anacostia Map you linked to as having the river trail farther from MD than it actually is.

Any idea when the ART will be completed? The anticipated start date seems to keep slipping - last I heard it was supposed to be Spring 2016 - Now that's been pushed to fall of 2016 (and just 2016 in some references). I'm looking to ride from Blandensburg Waterfront Park to Bolling AFB. From the maps provided, it looks doable, assuming DC ever finishes the ART.

I was actually just there today. I was able to run down the section of unpaved trail from the athletic fields (southern end of completed trail) to where they are building the bridge over the outlet to the marsh. The bridge looks like it's fairly close to being complete. The access route in Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens is blocked off with fencing so I was not able to get down to the river on that end.

There has also been a large crane in the river again between the RR bridge and the route 50 highway bridge for the past several weeks. Can't get a good enough view from driving on the bridge to see what sort of progress they are making there. This update posted in July said the trail would be done "by this time next year" - ie July 2016.

Thanks. I'll check back for your updates.

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