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War on cars! War on ca...oh, you mean that they have safety courses instead of fines. And its a lot a about data...

Yes, but what about the contributory negligence problem?

I might point out that the Idaho Stop is conspicuously absent. No politician will touch it.

The press release doesn't include everything in the bill and I don't know anyone who has seen the text of the bill yet. So it's too early to declare victory here. I will point out that what I call the Colorado stop (stop signs only Idaho stop) was approved by the working group.

I'd be happy if the police and prosecutors were willing to hold cars accountable. Baby steps.

You can read the bill online here: http://lims.dccouncil.us/Legislation/B21-0335


I'd be happier if police and prosecutors were willing to hold the drivers of cars accountable. Like, at all. Having just come back from nearly a month in Europe, it's depressing to bike/walk in DC again. Had so many close calls and veiled threats already in the past 3 days back.

My conversion to VC is complete and from my perspective, it cut way down on negative car interactions. I ride 3 feet out from the curb or edge of travel lane at all time. I don't go into any parking lanes, even if they are clear for a block or so. I don't disregard traffic control devices, and I run flashers at all times and a GoPro that I point out to any driver who begins to harass me. In general, I ride as if I'm a car, with some differences like lane splitting fully stopped traffic.


Would you want a child or loved one to ride the way you do? I wouldn't, so I'll keep pushing for well-designed protected infrastructure to keep me away from cars and keep my stress levels from spiking.

Why is it that someone feels it necessary to attack how I ride? I said nothing about how anyone else rides, only what works for me. I didn't even say anything about advocacy for infrastructure. To reiterate. I use to experience frequent negative interactions with cars. Now I don't. Here's how that happened. Adopt it, or not, it's no skin off my nose.

Crickey7, I have been riding exactly as you describe for several years, as if I was in a small, light car. I signal turns and lane changes, stop at signals and signs, yield the ROW, run strobes front and back 24/7. Very little harassment from motorists, no stress or anxious feelings on my part. The very small number of drivers who harass me would likely harass anyone who is 'different' from them. And to answer @Uptowner, yes I want my children (adults now) to ride that way. That is the way I taught them to ride. They have been riding as VC since they were young teens.

Push for separate infrastructure all you want. We liv in a mostly free country.

Another thought - my children, having grown up riding bikes on the roads, are very aware of other users of the road. They do not fell 'put out' by a cyclist slowing down traffic, or a pedestrian who crosses mid-block because it is safer. My kids actually drive at or below the speed limit! They come to complete stops at stop signs! They realize that others are using the road. Would that everyone did...

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