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Looks like a huge chunk is still in the "planned" or "gap" category.

What's the long open segment running from north of Baltimore to York?

I think it's the North Central Railroad - York County Heritage Trails.


Yah, that's the TCB Rail Trail or at least looks like it based on the map. But I'm not sure on the PA side as it ends at MD/PA border.

Yes, it's the NCR trail. The MD section is now officially the Torrey Brown Rail Trail. It's a great ride through wooded terrain, much of it along the Gunpowder river.

OK, so now the question that comes up every few months - what's going on with the missing link on the WB&A, including the river crossing? I asked a DNR employee at the visitor center on the B&A this summer. I don't think she even really understood what I was asking about.

At least the connection between the Anacostia Trib trails and the WB&A is fairly low traffic, much of it on roads in old Greenbelt and BARC.

The PA section is the York Heritage Rail Trail. Functionally it's the same trail, but the PA section is managed by York County and the MD section by DNR as part of Gunpowder State Park. The PA section passes through more scattered farmland and a couple of small towns and ends in urban (ish) York. Also has active rails with a tourist train. So it has a somewhat different feel.

I see it goes through Sparks, which I think has the best name for a town of any (although Accident, MD and Intercourse, PA are strong contenders).

I am not at all familiar with the planned N-S trail through Frederick County Md. Any other info?

Rails-to-Trails has apparently pulled out of this project, as it is no longer featured on TrailLinks. The project does have an active website at www.grandhistorytrail.org.

I went through Accident MD Friday afternoon. I have never thought of it as a good name for a town to travel through.

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