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Sweet looking lugwork that you can see in the linked photos. That's one of the aspects of a handbuilt frame that make it into a rolling work of art. Everyone needs to have one in their stable, and here's your chance.

What a beautiful bike this is, and the current bid price is less than you'd pay for a custom hand-built bike.

I had my hand-built done by 611 in Roanoke and it's a thing of beauty that glides along like nothing else I've ridden. Sometimes I just sit and marvel at the brazing.

Paul, the iconic mechanic at Bicyclespace, was one of the craftsmen with Proteus, and i believe brazed this particular frame

Paul is the one with the gray beard and the ... interesting personality? Good to know. He was quite complementary about my new bike (which they had asked me to bring by) and told me (jokingly?) to throw my old aluminum Felt in a bonfire.

and Paul rebuilt my 1971 Schwinn Racer into the perfect commuting bike it has been since reborn in 2001. I know this post is about remembering Tom Polermo - but I think Tom would approve of this celebration of Paul.

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